Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis


After working for American Vogue Magazine in New York (2011-2017), Elisabeth is now passionate about contemporary art and its young artistic scene.

Born in Germany and educated in the UK, Elisabeth went on to study in Madrid and Paris where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts. She has continued to live and work in several European capitals and New York city, as well as traveling extensively throughout Africa, Asia and beyond. Exploring different cultures, learning new languages and seeing the world, has been pivotal to shaping her vision, her voice and identity.

However, it is through writing that she has found a way to tap into this passion, as well as her many other interests. She then contributed regularly to the art publication Monopol, as well as to Zeitmagazin and Vanity Fair Germany. At American Vogue in New York (2011-2017) her eponymously-titled monthly column, TNT, took readers on adventures around the globe, through the lens of art, fashion and society. She considers her experience as a guest editor with the magazine one of her most formative professional experiences.

More recently, Elisabeth has collaborated with select fashion houses and institutions (like Loro Piana and Sotheby’s) on visual storytelling and content creation.