Our mission

Reiffers Art Initiatives is a foundation created to support young contemporary creation and cultural diversity. Its mission is to support approximately thirty artists per year in order to help the new French art scene emerge internationally. It initiates several actions to finance, exhibit and give visibility to the emerging artists.

Emerging creation and diversity

Reiffers Art Initiatives supports young talents with a particular attention to diversity and plural identities that enrich our country and shape the culture of tomorrow. Artists living in France, or connected to our country, whose works invite us to look at the world differently, in a more open way.

The Reiffers Art Initiatives Foundation offers a new platform to support emerging artists and is part of a sustainable philanthropic approach, driven by the idea that contemporary art must, above all, be an open space to all identities and cultures. By supporting talents within and outside the classical artistic pathways, the Foundation intends to respond to the contemporary issues of representation and visibility. It also aims to open minds to multiple profiles and artistic approaches.

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers

Portrait Paul Emmanuel Reiffers

“As they are its greatest promises, France must promote nationally and internationally the French young talents of the plastic and visual arts, by supporting their creative expression and thus affirming the strength of its unique multicultural model".

This diversity is a field of intense, complex and interrelated creativity. It opens the dialogue between cultures, explores new narratives and constantly nurtures the emergence of new talents. Initiating these interactions and revealing the new art scene is Reiffers Art Initiatives' mission.

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers

The foundation

Portrait de Rashid Johnson


Each year, Reiffers Art Initiatives invites a major figure in contemporary art to become the mentor of an emerging artist on the French scene.

This support and intergenerational dialogue gives rise to an annual Mentor and Young Talent exhibition in October in Paris during Art Basel Paris, in the mythical Reiffers Art Center.


Every spring, Reiffers Art Initiatives awards a prize to an emerging French artist. The purpose of the prize is to highlight and accelerate the recognition of the work of a young talent from the young contemporary scene.

An international personality from the cultural and art world proposes a selection of artists and works around a contemporary question. This Group Show takes place at the Reiffers Art Center every year in April.


The ambition of Reiffers Art Initiatives is to give a global dimension to the work of its artists by putting them in dialogue with other cultures.

Indeed, the Foundation has an influential partner located in Shanghai to pursue its promotion of artists internationally: The Modern Art Base founded by Thomas Shao.

A mission supported by Mazarine group

Reiffers Art Initiatives with the support of Mazarine Group. Committed to artists for many years, the Mazarine Group encourages young contemporary creation in all its forms.

Mazarine, La Mode en Images and their teams support the projects of Reiffers Art Initiatives by providing young artists with unique means of expression. Allowing artists residing in France or with personal ties to our country to present their work, inviting us to look at the world differently, in a more open and inclusive perspective.