Portrrait de Han Bing

Han Bing

Han Bing is a chinese artist born in 1986. Having lived in Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles, she distinguishes herself by her sensitive and disruptive visual language in paintings that deconstruct pictorial reality and give new dimensions. Her artistic practice is based on urban elements, including street scenes and architectural facades. Han Bing has participated in the 2023 Prize Reiffers Art Initiatives Group Show.


Exhibition view "INFILTRÉES - 5 manières d'habiter le monde" Acacias Art Center, Paris

Han Bing, 2023

"A very friendly playground", Acacias Art Center, Paris

Han Bing, 2023

"Some days you wrestle some days you do the storytelling", Acacias Art Center, Paris

Han Bing, 2023

Exhibition view "INFILTRÉES - 5 manières d'habiter le monde" Acacias Art Center, Paris

Han Bing, 2023

"The apartment", Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris

Han Bing, 2022

"Same instruction, same basis", Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris

Han Bing, 2022


Han Bing, 2019



For the artist, "painting is a way to resist all the information that is imposed on us".
Taking inspiration from various sources, including theatre, science and literature, Han allows the dynamics of the works to guide their compositions. She creates using oil and spray paint, occasionally allowing spontaneity to give her work an unexpected twist. “My paintings are representational at times,
but it’s more that there is a dynamic where a few patches have met unexpectedly and turned a bewildering situation into something that made sense to me at that particular moment,” she notes. Her works gradually move towards abstraction as figurative elements are filtered and deconstructed into fragments.



"Arts: Thaddaeus Ropac's high degree of expressive colour" by Philippe Dagen
— Le Monde, 2022

"Under this not very explicit title, "Saturation" brings together the works of seven female painters across several generations, whose common feature is that they have brought or are bringing colour to a high degree of expressiveness, in works that are mostly abstract or almost abstract."

Most of these artists are young, born all over the world - South Africa, China, Vietnam or Malaysia - at the end of the 1970s or the beginning of the 1980s, and their works are part of a history that begins with action painting, according to Pollock, De Kooning and Mitchell, but also passes through Hantaï, Debré or Degottex. Older references could be put forward, such as those of Monet, Matisse and Kandinsky.

For different reasons, two artists stand out. One is Han Bing, born in China in 1986 and recently settled in Paris, whose works emerge from her perspective of city architecture, of its walls covered with posters, which she likes torn and faded like artists Raymond Hains and Jacques Villeglé before her. But she does not tear them down, preferring to seek in these encounters a visual dynamic made up of successive affirmations and erasures."

"Saturation Review" by Laurent Boudier
— Télérama, 2022

"Salzburg, Paris, Pantin, London and now Seoul: the gallery owner Thaddaeus Ropac has no shortage of places and opportunities to organise new exhibitions. But with its 2,000-square-metre stage, the pretty pink-brick industrial building of the Pantin gallery is ideal for offering shows in XXL format.

This autumn, Ropac is offering a tour of current abstract painting by bringing together artists who are sometimes little known and from different generations. We will discover experimental, gestural or lyrical works by Martha Jungwirth (born 1940 in Austria), Wook-Kyung Choi (1940-1985, Korea), Dona Nelson (born 1947 in the United States), in dialogue with those of younger artists: Han Bing (born 1986 in China, living in France), Mandy El-Sayegh (born 1985 in Malaysia, living in the UK), Rachel Jones (born 1991 in the UK), Megan Rooney (born 1985 in South Africa, living in the UK) and Thu-Van Tran (born 1979 in Vietnam, living in France). In praise of colour and saturation."