Raphaël Barontini

Studio des Acacias
30 Rue des Acacias
75017 Paris
July 7 – July 28, 2021

SOUKHOS exhibition by Raphaël Barontini, result of his LVMH Métiers d’Arts residency, was organized with the support of Reiffers Art Initiatives and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery.

Following his 6 months LVMH Métiers d’Arts artistic residency at the Heng Long tannery in Singapore, artist Raphaël Barontini exhibited, in July 2021, all of the works created during his residency as well as several representative pieces of his work at the Studio des Acacias, with the support of the Mariane Ibrahim gallery.

Raphaël Barontini
is a 36 years old visual artist graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris and from the Hunter College of Art of New York.

His work of "creolization of images" has already been exhibited by many museums and galleries around the world, notably through remarkable performances in the United States in Savannah, Fort Worth and very recently in Chicago. In his protean work, the visual artist constantly questions the relationship between art and craft, East and West, and Oneiric and Politic. In 2020, he was selected by LVMH Métiers d'Art for an artist residency at the heart of the Heng Long tannery in Singapore, renowned for its exceptional expertise and know-how in tanning and finishing crocodilian leather.

Cape Saint-Maurice et le Dragon
Raphaël Barontini, 2020

Allure Saint Maurice et le Dragon
Raphaël Barontini, 2020

Cape Sun Ra
Raphaël Barontini, 2020

Exposition SOUKHOS at the Studio des Acacias
"The work of Barontini is pictorial, eminently. It exceeds however very quickly the strict field of the painting on a plan in two dimensions to find, in the slips and transgressions, states of the matter color to subjects, scales and spatial arrangements increased, reassembled, exploded which make leave to the painting the immobile world of the wall to join that animated, in four dimensions, of the alive ones...
The colored matter constitutes here as much the binder or the substantial air of the elements of reference convened, what authorizes and concretizes the existence of the chimeras, that it animates the agitated and cosmic bottom in which gravitate the represented forms and the beings.
This pictorial manner inhabits and possesses every surface, every texture, every thing in a mythological vibratory effect, and instills a prophetic and plural "in the beginning there is color."
Mathieu Buard
août 2020
SOUKHOS Virtual Tour
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