Portrait of Tiffanie Delune

Tiffanie Delune

Tiffanie Delune is a French artist of Congolese origin, selected for the 2021 edition of the Reiffers Art Initiatives mentorship program. Her work is akin to a wondering wandering. In a world in tension, which seems deeply saturated, she makes it a point of honor to share a mixed and unfiltered story, in all its depth and authenticity.


Tiffanie Delune, 2020

Life in Paper Houses

Tiffanie Delune, 2019

The Bees

Tiffanie Delune, 2020

Take me higher

Tiffanie Delune, 2019

Feelings Will Come Find you

Tiffanie Delune, 2021

Foreign Familiarity

Tiffanie Delune, 2019


Rooted in an initial focus on personal trauma and childhood experiences, her multi-disciplinary practice instinctively embarks on a wanderlust.
The artist brings together dreamlike apparitions and travel memories with symbols of her diverse family background, touches of femininity and spirituality. Navigating between her shares of light and shadow, between different movements and forms of energy, Tiffanie is interested in the magic of storytelling that engages conversations and evokes emotions. Creating playfully and with intuitive curiosity, she creates multi-layered works on cotton canvas, soft linen and small sheets of paper that invite dialogue between their subject and their scale.
Passionate about textures, senses and memory, she frees herself from the inhibitions of material choice by using acrylics, pastels and paper as well as glitter, toilet paper rolls, keys, bags and dried flowers. In a world in tension that seems deeply saturated, she makes a point of sharing a mixed and unfiltered story in all its depth and authenticity.



"In Painting and Identity, Tiffanie Delune Finds Her Light" by Enuma Okoro
— Cultured Magazine, 2021

"Her paintings are luminous and vibrant, evoking feelings of vivid dreams and eliciting joy and sheer delight. That’s the best way I know to describe the colorful, mixed media work of French Belgo-Congolese visual artist Tiffanie Delune. Her images tickle our childlike sensibilities while spontaneously inviting us to reflect on the interplay of light, shadow and the movement of our interior lives. Hardly surprising, as Delune is a woman living an intentional life of intimacy with herself, her work and her environment. (...)

She describes her way of making art as “navigating between her shadow self and yet full of light, movement and energy forms.” This in turn informs her practices of self-awareness and social responsibility, because she firmly believes that to be a better person in society, and to make authentic work, you first have to have a fuller understanding of yourself."

"Pick of the Week: Tiffanie Delune & Kaye Freeman" by Cole Sweetwood
— Artillery, 2021

"Delune’s work is (...) introspective to the degree of being auto-biographical as she draws on her Belgo-Congolese heritage. In her absolutely enchanting paintings, figures, such as the young black girl in Hot Pepper, are lost in a mystical land. Some are cautiously present, or else composed of something entirely different to their environment and thus set apart. This is the case for the figures made of embroidery floss, which unravel themselves for their own amusement.

(...) Delune’s works are remarkably structured. In its Kandinksy-esque freedom, elements appear to have settled on the canvas in the most natural of orders, and not a leaf or flower is out of place. This month in Los Angeles, there is hardly better painting to see than works from Tiffanie Delune."